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Visiting Singapore and getting a wholesome vacation experience in the diversity of cultures

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When I visited Singapore during my vacation, I was able to enjoy one of the most educational trips that I have ever had. In my lifetime, I have managed to travel to many destinations across the world. I love to go to places where I will be able to learn something new concerning the people, and the natural features in the different places.

In my time I have been able to come across some very unique things that have been very exciting. One of the greatest experiences that I had managed before my trip to Singapore was the safari experience in Africa. During the African trip in which we had traveled to Kenya, I was able to view all kinds of amazing and beautiful animals that I had never seen before apart from seeing them in movies or photos.

Viewing the animals in the wild and observing them as they went about their daily lives was an unforgettable experience. I was even able to experience lion, cheetah, and hyena hunts. This was especially quite fascinating despite the horrors that it involved.

Visiting Singapore was a whole new experience. It was totally different to the other experiences that I had enjoyed in the past. The biggest marvel that I found in Singapore was the ability to interact and learn from such a diverse community. In my other trips I had managed to interact with interesting communities. This included interacting with the Maasai people of the East African rift valley. These are people who still maintain the traditional ways of living that their forefathers had hundreds of years ago.

In Singapore I was able to experience and assortment of traditions and cultures from the Asian communities that live in the small island. I was especially able to get a thorough experience due to the plan of accommodation that had been rearranged by the touring company that was hosting us.

The touring company has an ingenious but very effective way of hosting their clients. They do this by working with some locals who host the tourists in their homes for a few days at a time. Select couples across Singapore would be tasked with hosting a tourist or two for the night while the touring company would take the tourists around the other sites by day.

In the homes where I was hosted by the locals, I had the master room to myself. The master room has an attached bathroom and so I would have all the necessary amenities conveniently all to myself.

By living with the native Asians I was able to learn more intricate things about the Asian people. Each time I was hosted with a couple from a different Asian community and so by the end of the tour I had a very rich understanding of different Asiatic customs and traditions. I was able to live with a Chinese couple, a Mal couple, an Indian couple, and a Vietnamese couple.

One of the greatest advantage of this arrangement was the fact that I was able to enjoy different types of home cooked Asian cuisine.