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Easy profitable work from home jobs for stay at home moms

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A good job is one that helps people in focusing their energies towards a significant goal and also keeping one intellectually stimulated – especially where there is healthy competition among peers. Unfortunately the choice between keeping a full time job and staying with the kids at home is one of the hardest decisions that a mother has to make. Many times having to make this choice is detrimental to a woman’s dream of career progression.

The possibility of working from home and being able to reach similar goals as other women has changed the fortunes of a lot of women and they do not have to sacrifice any of the two. Here are some examples of work at home jobs for women;

Women who have a good knowledge of certain subjects or are fluent in more than one language can engage themselves in online tutoring. Students have been receiving help from tutors for a long time to improve their grades in different school subjects, but with a computer and good internet connection, a stay at home mum can easily provide this services remotely. A normal tutor can assist only one or two students at a time but virtual tutors are able to assist many students at the same time. and are some of the sites that hire virtual tutors who can work from home.

Women who command a good following on social media can join affiliate marketing programs where one can sell items and services that are posted on these websites for a commission. is one of the websites that offers a wide range of products that one can sell for a commission in the comfort of your home.

Every company whether big or small needs vigorous advertisement to reach its desired clients. Graphic designers are people who are good in listening and coming up with awesome design solutions and hence they are able to understand the needs of a client and create attractive magazines, flyers, catalogs and different kind of advertisements. Women who are good in graphic design can easily design advertisements from home.

For women who have good skills in editing and can proofread written blogs, articles and content. There are many sites which offer this kind of jobs with flexible timelines and this can be done from home. Women can easily find these jobs on, and

Women who have good computer skills and technical understanding of internet search engines can work as search engine evaluators. These are people who ensure that users of search engines like Google get desired results when they search for something on the internet. Women are known to have very good organizational and coordination skills which can be put into good use in this field of work.

Remote interviews through the telephone are now a common survey method that can easily be done by women from the confines of their home. Armed with a telephone and pre-determined set of questions, telephone interviews can easily be conducted by women at home.

Shopping is not always easy, especially shopping for musical appliances

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Shopping is not always easy, especially shopping for musical appliances

Shopping is becoming tougher and tougher as days go by. When I was a young kid and I would be sent to the shop, I would have a very easy time. My mother would simply send me for bread, or for milk, for cheese or for lettuce. Today I cannot send my kids to go shopping themselves, they will be overwhelmed by the wide array of products.

In our stores or shopping malls, the buyer is today confronted by a plethora of items to choose from many of which are basically the same product but each product having unique differences. Today you cannot send your kid and simply tell them to get bread you have to tell them exactly what kind of bread you want. Today’s products are numerous due to numerous companies producing similar products that are differentiated in terms of flavor, size, texture, packaging, quality, warranty, and many other distinctions.

One of the toughest things that I have ever shopped for was musical appliances. Being the secretary of a local music group that we have in our neighborhood, I was tasked with shopping around for some of the items that we needed for the club.

Shopping for musical appliances was a tough job because it was something that I had never done before. I also did not have a clue about many of the things that I had been tasked with buying. The only names on the list that I was familiar with were guitar, mic, and keyboard. These names were however within compound names such as mic preamps. I knew what a mic was but had no clue what a pre amp was.

Since I did not want to let down the club I did not tell them about my ignorance. I quietly planned to go to the internet and simply do a search of the items and I would know what they were; and that is exactly what I did.

However, I was in for a rude shock. Whenever I searched for an item on the internet I was presented by multiple variations of the same thing. For example, when I checked for a mic preamp, I was presented with several mic pre amps all claiming to be different from the others. Luckily, the group had specifically listed down that the amplifier they wanted was a fender blues Jr.

The internet was however not wholesomely useless. At least, many of the different variations of the items I wanted had some detailed reviews that I could read and understand about what their functions were, where they could be used, their prices, their advantages and disadvantages, and some other useful tips. Although it was a tedious time consuming task, at least after reading the reviews I had much more knowledge of the appliances and I could easily select the appliances that would be best applicable for our club.

After two long tedious days of scouring over the internet, I was able to come up with a list of the items I needed.

Shopping is not always easy, especially shopping for musical appliances Credit Picture License: Fender Telecaster and Blues Junior Amp via photopin cc

What is the best musical gift for a graduating music student?

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What is the best musical gift for a graduating music student?

Next week I will be going to visit my younger brother in Atlanta. It is about two years since we were last together. My brother moved to Atlanta to complete his music post graduate course and I have been busy working on some out-of-the-country projects for the company I work for.

Despite not meeting physically, my brother and I have been in constant communication. Thanks to the advanced modern technologies of this new age, we were able to chat and send messages through the internet. Many times we also talked through video calls; this is when the time in our different time zones allowed us to have some free time that we could use catch up. Due to this continuous communication, we have been able to keep abreast of all the developments in each of our activities.

My brother is my only sibling and so we are very close. We share in most of our issues. Therefore, I want to be there when my brother is finally graduating from his college. Our parents will also be going to Atlanta and so it would be very important that the whole family is there. Luckily, my company has allowed me a few days off and my wife has also been given some time off at her work place.

Since this will be a monumental occasion for my brother, we want to buy him a special graduation gift that he can appreciate and remember for a long time. I need to get a gift that he will love and one that can be used often.

My wife suggested that the best gift would be a musical instrument. I had at first thought of buying for my brother a special kind of clothing or footwear but I guess my wife’s idea, as usual, is better. Since my brother would be graduating with some honors in music, it was only fitting to get him a gift related to music.

Luckily I know that my brother’s musical instruments of choice are the guitar and the piano. I remember when we were kids how he had always fussed about having the digital piano in his room since he wanted to practice one tune or another. His passion or the instrument had continued into his adulthood.

His passion for the guitar had developed later. I noticed his interest in guitar when he was in high school. He had quickly become very good in guitar until he was performing musical pieces in competitions among the schools and within the township.

Since I am not aware of any other instrument that he loves playing, our choice for a gift has to be between these two.

Since I want to buy a quality gift, buying a grand piano would be too inconveniencing due to transportation and storage issues. A guitar is a better choice for a gift. It is easily portable and my brother can easily find storage for it. Due to its easy portability and storage, my brother can also use it often and it will be a good reminder of his graduation.

What is the best musical gift for a graduating music student Credit Picture License: Lazy Synth via photopin cc

Despite the glamour and appeal, becoming a rock star is tough stuff

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Despite the glamour and appeal, becoming a rock star is tough stuff

Becoming a rock star is the dream of many teenagers. For me, my desire to become a rock star was much more than the desire of any Tom, Dick and Harry. When I first saw a live rock performance by a rock band that had come touring in our town, I had decided that I had to be a rock star. Becoming a rock star was always going to be difficult for me due to my parents’ complete distaste for anything that was not centered on my education.

My parents were both raised in very poor families. Through hard work in their studies they had both been able to finally lead descent lives. Due to their upbringing, my parents therefore had a lot of faith in education and since they did not want me to suffer as they did, they desperately insisted that I also study hard to get a bright future.

Well, I understand them completely and I put a lot of effort in my studies. I actually manage very good grades and although I am never top of my class, I always mange to be among the top. However, I believe that my parents take things a bit too far by restricting me from doing other activities especially fun activities which they believe will derail me.

The rock band had however created a deep desire in me that could not be swept aside so easily. I remember that I could for a long time afterwards replay their performance in my mind. I could hear the highly amplified bass guitar sound booming through the numerous loud speakers that they had arranged in front of the stage where they were performing. I could also replay the energetic moves of the lead vocalist who was also playing a rhythm guitar.

The harsh booming and surprisingly rhythmic music of the three guitars that were being used were amplified by what I learnt later were some very expensive tube amplifiers. I was fascinated at how just three guitars could cause such a paradoxically rhythmic cacophony of sounds. The sound had such a great effect on the crowds that people were crazily chanting and swaying to the music. For that brief moment, the rock stars had been transformed into gods. I decided I also wanted to have that power.

Since I could not openly declare my ambitions to my parents, I would sneak out in the afternoons and visit a friend who lived a block away from our house who had an electric guitar. He was also learning to play and had not advanced very much in learning how to play.

When I had decided to become a rock star, I had not thought that learning to play the guitar would be so hard. Watching the rock stars on stage effortless strum their guitars had seemed to be an easy thing to do. I had imagined that I would quickly learn the guitar and go on to become a legend on the stage. A few visits to my friend with the electric guitar comprehensively convinced me otherwise.

I was just not cut to be a guitarist. That was the end of my dreams of becoming a rock star. I went back to my books!

Despite the glamour and appeal, becoming a rock star is tough stuff Credit Picture License: The Rocker via photopin cc

How to become a music technician

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When people think of the music industry, or when they listen to songs and albums, they focus on the singers themselves, and how talented they must be, to make such wonderful-sounding music. That is certainly true; that the singers are very important when it comes to how good a record will sound, but it excludes the integral roles that are played by other parties in making the song sound the way it does.

The next person that people usually think of when they think of the people involved in producing music is the music producer. Again, this is fair because the music producer is the one who is in charge of the overall conception and production of the song, mixtape or album.

The people who are seldom remembered are the music technicians, even though it is arguable that they play roles that are as important, if not more important that all the other people who are involved in the music production process.

The music technicians are the ones who check to make sure that everything that will be used in recording the music is in good working order, and tuned to provide the sound possible. The importance of their work is highlighted by the fact that most of the things they do are so technical that neither the artists themselves, nor the music producers would be able to do them without the technicians being involved. In the world of sound production, one incorrect setting could mean the difference between a great-sounding record and one that sounds terrible.

In order to become a music technician, it is usually advisable that you acquire a degree from a college or other educational institution. Some educational institutions exist that focus specifically on music education, and a degree from one of those would be a great way to get credibility on the industry in as short a period of time as possible.

While it is important to get a formal education; as with all technician roles in all industries, the most important consideration will simply be whether or not you know what you are doing, In order to be recognised, hired and allowed to work on important projects, you must be able to show an understanding of the various instruments and equipment used in the music production process and a proficiency in making them work together in order to produce the best sound possible.

Doing this could involve physically adjusting things on instruments or using digital interfaces such as a computer or MIDI controller to manipulate settings in order to get them at optimal levels to make sounds being produced sound as good as possible.

The prospects of a music technician are very impressive. After working as a sound engineer or in whatever technician role for some years, whether in a single studio or in many different ones, a music technician will usually have acquired the essential skills and the reputation to change careers and become a music producer, thereby taking on a wider and more lucrative role in the music production process.


Money-Making Strategies for College Students

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Every person will definitely pass through this stage in life. No matter how great your budgeting skills are, there comes a point in your college life wherein the budget is no longer enough. And no matter how many tricks you made to make ends meet, something will crop up along the way that will ruin the budget. The extra expenses come in many forms- an upcoming university event that you can’t miss, a new book that the professor required or a date you want to pursue. Student life can be harsh, and many students are forced to bite the bullet including signing up for student loans. Student loans can help, but if not properly managed then this can lead to a huge financial problem that can spill into adult life. It may seem like college life is harsh, but with diligence and a bit of creativity, you can get through college life with lots of experience to show and some cash! Here are some money-making strategies for college students that can also work for you.

Tap Into your Hobbies and Skills

Do you love writing and you write poems and stories during your idle time or in-between classes?  Thanks to a number of job boards and freelancing websites, you can now become an editor or a ghostwriter for an aspiring website owner or publisher. Since online marketing is gaining traction today, the web is always on the lookout for fresh content that can be added into their list of websites. You can work as a content writer, an editor or a webpage designer. Whatever online job you choose, keep in mind that it should start with your hobbies and skills. If you choose jobs based on your hobbies and skills, then work becomes fun time during college.

Test and Appraise Websites and Share Opinions Through Surveys

Love to check the internet and browse your profiles on social media like Twitter and Facebook? Instead of lurking around and throwing some likes and comments on friends, why not convert those idle time into money time?  You can work as a website tester- you will simply provide comments and feedback on the websites and you are given payment for work done. Speaking of feedback, you can also answer surveys and get income. Prize Rebel for instance, will provide you the opportunity to answer surveys and watch videos and you can earn cash and rewards for completing these tasks. If you are the type of person who loves to shop online, then Ebates should work for you. Under the Ebates program, you will get commissions when shopping using their website. The site has partnered with more than 1,500 retailers thus it will be easier looking for a retail site.

College offers one of the toughest and stressful times in one’s life, but there are ways on how to handle stress and problems that come with it. If the source of the problem is money-related, then there are always creative steps on how you can earn extra while completing your degree. Working while studying actually delivers great advantages to the student- it helps you gain experience, form life stories and earn cash along the way!

How to Earn Some Easy Money Using the Internet

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Can money be made easily? This is a million dollar question. There is a man who once said that if money could be made easily then everybody, would be rich. Really? Another person said that if money was easy to come by, then it would be worthless. I guess the second person was more accurate. The value of money is dependent on its scarcity.

Money has to be scarce for it to have some value attached to it. It follows therefore that it should not be easy to make money. However, this does not mean that it should be hard to make money! There are easier ways of making money than what many people think!

If you are naturally blessed with a smart brain, working out arithmetic calculations may come easily for you, but you might find manual work very hard. If you are such a person, making money as an accountant would be easier than working in a factory doing manual labor. This would apply vice versa to someone who is physically gifted but not very adept at intellectual stuff.

I once visited a friend whom I had not met for a while after he had quit his job where we were working together. After he quit his job, he was rarely within the city but loved to work indoors from his countryside home. From his photos on social media and his general talk, he seemed to be doing very well from what he claimed to be “making money online”.

I was curious to know what this “making money online” was and so when he invited me to his place to learn more about it, I readily accepted.

I set aside one Saturday morning to ride over to his place and learn more about this mystery money making strategy. When I got to the place he had directed me to, I was impressed by the beautiful neighborhood he lived in. His house was elegant and homely and looked to be very well taken care of.

When he invited me into his house, I was even more surprised! I had incorrectly thought that I would be doing much better than he was; what with me still having my job and all! How very wrong! Unless he was a mobster, his internet money making thing was quite rewarding! I was eager than ever to learn about it.

“I make money by simply practicing my hobby” he began. Tom, my good friend, was an internet geek and was always online. “I found the perfect way to exercise my passion and earn from it!” he continued.

He went on to explain how he was being paid to; complete some online surveys, to watch online videos, read emails, or complete other micro tasks. “Do these small tasks help you make all this money?” I asked

“No!” he exclaimed with a hearty laugh, “that is just the beginning”. The secret is in referrals. “I have thousands of people around the world who help me do it!”

He went on to explain in detail how this works. He proceeded to then tell me that his main purpose of inviting me over was to urge me to join him in this awesome “easier” way of making money. Without missing a beat, I accepted his offer.

I am now a few weeks into this awesome newfound money making gem and I have already got my first check!

Make a living taking care of non-human organisms

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Make a living taking care of non-human organisms

Embarking on an exciting career path in veterinary medicine, where you can put our knowledge and compassion into practice. Preventing disease and treating animals is at the interest of what veterinarians do.

Potential veterinary career options

An overview of careers where graduates of veterinary medical schools can effectively apply their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degrees include;

  • Private practice, either general practice or (with advanced training and experience) a specialty field, such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, aquatic animal medicine, marine biology, wildlife animal medicine, or emergency animal medicine.
  • Corporate veterinary medicine, for example, with corporations that provide veterinary care, test human drugs for safety, or produce animal-related products.
  • Research, either in a university setting or with companies that produce animal-related products or pharmaceuticals.
  • Teaching, either in academia or non-professionals schools.
  • Public Health, particularly with governmental agencies which work to control the transmission of animal-to-human (zoonotic) diseases.
  • Food supply medicine, with either the government or a food animal company.
  • Global Veterinary Medicine, in private practice or with international agencies working in areas such as food production and safety or emerging diseases.
  • Public Policy, working for governments on animal and zoonotic diseases, animal welfare, public health issues, or as consultants with non-governmental agencies.
  • Shelter medicine, working with communities, and private or public agencies to ensure the health and well being of animal populations housed in shelters.

The pay is also not bad as once annual median salary ranges between $40,000 to $120,000.

Water organisms specializations

Marine aquatic biology is basically the study of fresh water organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment. It is a subdiscipline of both oceanography and limnology.

The oceans represent the final frontier of discovery on earth. They possess vast untapped resources, provide a global transportation network for commerce, and play a pivotal role in moderating earth’s climate. Likewise, our freshwater resources support both commercial and recreational activities. They serve as readily accessible sources of potable water and influence climate on regional scales. Human activities related to global population growth represent a serious challenge to preserving these important resources. We must build upon our existing knowledge of the ocean and our lakes and their potential to help meet the needs of this and future generations.

Career opportunities in the marine and aquatic sciences are exciting and diverse. Graduates may find work with one of the branches of government, in academia with university research labs, with the private sector (consulting, natural resource exploration, aquaculture, recreation), or with a non-governmental organization.

Popular areas within the field of marine biology are environmental biology and toxicology. Both of these areas have direct applications and implications for our society. Examples of specialties in environmental biology and toxicology include water quality research and the study of contaminants or pollutants in the coastal or marine environment. Laws, regulations and cleanup measures designed to protect the environment will ensure that marine and environmental biologists and consultants continue to play an important role in our society.

Make a living taking care of non-human organisms Credit Picture License: Armed Forces Veterinary Carries out Dental Work on a Military Working Dog via photopin cc

Careers where you get to meet people but under different circumstances

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Careers where you get to meet people but under different circumstances

Optometry might be a major many aren’t aware off. What really is optometry?  It’s a healthcare profession that deals with the eyes. What do optometrist do? They examine, diagnose, treat and manage visual disorders, eye injuries and diseases and also prescribe eye glasses and contact lenses.

Some optometrists may spend a lot of their time giving specialized care, especially if they are working in a group practice with other optometrists or physicians with others focusing on treating children and infants. Majority of optometrists have their own practices and may spend more time on general business activities.

Becoming an Optometrist

An optometrist must complete a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree program and obtain a license in order to practice. The degree program takes 4 years to complete which combines classroom activities and supervised clinical experience. After completion of an O.D. degree, some optometrists may opt to complete a 1-year residency program to get advanced clinical training in an area of interest. Residency programs cover the following areas of emphasis; family practice, low vision care, pediatric or geriatric optometry and ocular disease amongst others.

Skills required

  • Decision-making skills – Optometrists must be able to evaluate the results of a variety of diagnostic tests and decide on the best course of treatment for a patient.
  • Interpersonal skills – Because they spend much of their time examining patients, optometrists must be able to help their patients feel at ease.
  • Communication skills – Optometrists must be able to clearly explain eye care instructions to their patients, as well as answer patients’ questions.

The median annual wage an optometrist can earn is $50,000 – $180,000.

How then do Journalists meet people?

Well, with journalism, journalist cover various news events and reports for radio, TV stations, newspapers, journals, magazines as well as on the internet. In the course of their coverage, they get to see and meet people or different races, backgrounds and geographies. It’s a very stressful and competitive profession as information must be up-to-date and verified.

If you fancy a career in journalism…

You should developed a liking in writing straight from high school taking coursework offering training in writing, photography, videography, multimedia and computers. Aspiring journalist should participate in school publications like yearbook or newspaper development. If you develop a journalism-related skill, it may improve the likelihood of you being accepted into an undergraduate degree program after graduation.

Obtain a degree – Journalists in today’s world do more than just write stories. Degree programs have embraced both digital and multimedia character of news reporting utilized by today’s media. Employers do prefer journalist who have a bachelor’s degree in communication, broadcasting, or journalism-related fields. Courses that are offered generally cover topics like writing and editing, communication, visual journalism, reporting, law, and ethics.

Build a portfolio – Employers may request applicants to submit clips of their work along with a resume and job application. Journalism degree courses can offer students the opportunity to populate their portfolio with sample of articles they have written or produced.

Gain experience – as most employers prefer applicants with experience in media used by new organizations.

Careers where you get to meet people but under different circumstances Credit Picture License: IMG_8345 via photopin cc

Design, Develop and Earn

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Design, Develop and Earn

Industrial and manufacturing engineering is really based on design, control, operation, evaluation, and implementation of systems and processes for service and manufacturing industries as well as government organization which is mostly hand-on.

Getting a job in manufacturing engineering

The key engineering disciplines sought by manufacturing employers are mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, chemical/process, materials, control and instrumentation, and environmental. However, engineers from other backgrounds may well find good job opportunities in this sector. In recent years, graduate engineering employers have lamented a shortage of graduate engineers from manufacturing engineering degrees.

Employers look for graduates who have a strong grounding in their discipline and combine their technical knowledge with core competences such as good communication skills, team working and problem-solving ability, energy, commercial awareness and an ability to think on their feet.

What to expect from a graduate job in manufacturing

In larger organizations engineering graduates typically join a graduate program. They may work in one area, for example production, or, depending on the employer, they may complete placements in different parts of the business. Some employers have specialist programs for functions such as supply chain or operations management.

However you start out, employers will most likely provide you with training and experience that will help you achieve chartered or incorporated engineer status.

If you start out in a smaller manufacturing company your training may be less structured. However, smaller organizations can provide fantastic opportunities to gain experience in a range of manufacturing activities.

Progression will depend on your own ambitions. You may choose to progress on a technical, management or commercial path.

The manufacturing industry seeks graduates in aerospace/aeronautical, automotive, chemical/process control, electrical, electronics, environmental, instruments, manufacturing, materials, mechanical, power systems.

Architecture professions

Education requirement for architects vary. Work environment is usually an office setting where drafting and reviewing concepts of structures is performed. Architects need to be licensed before they can start their career. Students who get their degrees in architecture can go on to many lucrative careers. While a bachelor’s degree is required to become an architect, an associate’s degree is sufficient for architectural drafters and architectural technicians.


An architect works with engineers, technicians and clients to design safe and functional structures ranging from dams to homes. He meets with the client to determine the parameters, needs and functions of the proposed projects and can greatly affect project bids and budgets. After both parties have agreed on each and every aspect, the architect begins the design phase which may include planning layout of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. The median annual salary of architects is $70,000.

Architectural drafter

An architectural drafter consults with architects and project engineers to create drawing for prospective structures. A drafter typically works under supervision in an office setting and uses drawing tools to produce sketches and verify measurements. Architectural and civil drafter median annual salary is $49,000.

Architectural Technician

An Architectural technician works with an architect to prepare sketches and designs for construction projects. He helps size building systems, machinery and equipment. The annual median salary for a technician is $46,000.

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