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How To Choose The Best Biometric Gun Safe

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How To Choose The Best Biometric Gun Safe

With the number of guns raising in the USA the demand of a place to store them safely has never been so high. One of the best options is buying a gun safe that will not only store them locked but also protect them from the unauthorized access of children or other individuals. A quality safe will provide you with a fast, easy and silent access to your weapon in case you will really need it.

Since there is a great variety of gun safes you need to take into consideration things like: the size and dimensions of a safe, the place where it’s going to be stored, materials, locking mechanisms, and of course your budget. Heavy safes with a steel door and walls are more recommended than the lightweight ones for the purposes of better fire protection. Modern safes have many different features, and depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend and your needs you can choose from: waterproof, fireproof and even biometric safes. Maybe you want all these features combined for better security, it’s all up to you.

Let’s have a closer look at biometric gun safes. They provide the highest level of security because only you personally are going to be able to open them. Such safes will give the access to what’s inside only after recognizing the structure of the authorized user’s retina, fingerprints, or the shape of the hand or face.

Most popular biometric safes are fingerprint-based, which are most affordable too, but the best are the ones that are using a retinal scan, because fingers can get cut or burnt easily. A few of the most popular brands include SentrySafe, BARSKA, Stack-On and others. Some of them possess really attractive features, e.g. SentrySafe has a whisper-quiet hardware, so you won’t be heard opening it in an emergency situation.

Fire endurance is a unique feature this brand offers for some specific models too. Some BARSKA safes can store up to 120 fingerprints and almost all of them have back-up keys. The Stack-On brand is considered to be one of the most affordable and reliable at the same time. Some safes also come together with an electronic lock, so there’s more ways to get in. If you wish to store more one gun, look for the models that have a shelf included. If money isn’t an issue you can opt for the gun safes with wood-paneled interiors and art works on the outside, offered by such manufacturers as Fort Knox and Browning.

Before buying a gun safe, take a closer look at reviews and ratings left by customers on and other online companies. Don’t neglect the negative comments, as they can open your eyes to some of the flaws, e.g. you need to wipe the glass off after the safe scans your fingers, some gun safes just get locked after using them a couple years and you won’t be able to open them. Pay attention to the warranty terms, offered by the manufacturer, in case you need some parts to be replaced or if it stops functioning right.

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