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Finding Trusted Resources Online

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Finding Trusted Resources Online

Most of us figured out a long time ago that you simply can’t believe everything you read on the internet. For those of us who do almost everything online, it can be difficult to know who to believe and which sites can be trusted when they review a product we need. Although things are not always as they seem online, there are some ways to help you determine which products really are as good as advertised. Knowing what to look for could save you the money and frustration of purchasing a product that does not perform.

When you search for a specific product or type of product online, you will often get multiple results. Look down the list of results on the first page. Sometimes that is all you need to learn all of the complications associated with the product. When reviews on multiple sites are predominately regarding the same issue or they all have the same positive comments, you can probably accept the information as fact.

Not surprisingly, a company is not likely to put negative reviews about their product on their own website. Never rely entirely on customer reviews posted by the manufacturing company. Although the positive reviews they post may be real, it is impossible to tell how many negative reviews they are keeping hidden. Compare reviews from multiple sites to learn what a variety of customers and experts alike have to say.

Third party expert review sites that review certain types of products from different brands are one of your most valuable resources. Often, they will try the product themselves and report on the outcome of their experience. Look for reviews that go into depth about the features of the product and why it does or doesn’t perform up to par. A site that compares several similar products with a five-star rating system and no more than a sentence of text to explain the rating does not provide you with reliable information to base your decision on.

Online marketers know positive reviews sell their products and some of them are willing to pay to get them. Although marketers are required by law to disclose their connection to a company, many are willing to risk being discovered to present a believable review for the product they want to sell.

Customer testimonials are also valuable when they are honest and relay the experience other people have had when using the product in question. It is always helpful to learn from another person’s experience instead of going through a negative one on your own. Unfortunately, these can be misleading as well. Even a negative rating may be the result of someone who is trying to promote the competing brand.

Customer reviews and testimonials offer valuable information that can save you time and money if you take the time to choose your resources wisely. No one wants to spend money on a product that they need and then have to replace it with a better option. Do your research before you purchase anything online and you are more likely to get it right the first time.

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Why Every Freelancer Should Take Time For Themselves

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Why Every Freelancer Should Take Time For Themselves

We live in a culture that is constantly moving and constantly working. When you talk to your friends, you may often hear them tell you how their job seems to be taking up more and more of their time, or how they just don’t have enough time in the day to do what they need to do. In fact, you may know this feeling yourself.

Even as a freelancer, life can get hectic. You likely stepped away from the everyday workplace looking for something better – a chance to do what you really want and to live your life your way. Despite this, you may always have a lot on your plate. Perhaps you have a really big project on your hands, or there has been an influx of new clients over the last few weeks. Business has been very good to you lately.

While it is important to always have a steady stream of work, it is just as important to have time for yourself. It may not occur to you when you’re going over your list of tasks for the week, but even you need some time off – even if you have a reputation as an indefatigable workhorse. Here are some reasons that you should take another look at your work schedule and pen in some “you time.”

It can take a toll on your body. You may enjoy your field or career, but there will be times when work seems to pile up and seem almost endless. Working for longer hours under pressure can build stress, which has all sorts of bad effects on the human body and psyche. The problem is, we may not notice them right away and instead focus on paying the bills. By the time you notice what’s wrong, the effects will have become worse – and more difficult to treat.

You may lose touch with loved ones. Whereas you once had time to catch a movie with friends or go out with your family, now you may have to ask for a rain check. Continually putting off those close to you can strain those relationships – and by the time you get around to spending time with them, the people you care about may not be as close to you like they were before.

You may miss out on what matters most to you. When you were at your job before becoming a freelancer, you hated not having the time and liberty to do what you wanted at the times you wanted. On the one hand, you no longer have a boss who dictates your schedule for you – but on the other hand, you are now the person robbing yourself of your precious time. Now it seems that your choice to go independent is not accomplishing what you had hoped – and on top of the stress it causes, you may start to doubt yourself and regret your choice.

As a freelancer, you have a responsibility to yourself to keep business coming in so that you can maintain yourself independent of a typical job. But never forget: you also have a responsibility to keep yourself and those close to you happy and healthy. You owe it to yourself to make time to do the things you always wanted and to be with the people who matter to you.

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