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Protection from Financial Fraud- Guide to Retirees

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For some individuals, getting into the retirement age means full stop on all the usual activities that defined their professional life. This is considered as the perfect time to enjoy the retirement fund, and all activities that were not fully explored during busy days. For others, the retirement age is also a time to explore the world and what it can offer. So it is no longer surprising to know that some retirees start their new phase in life by buying plane tickets to experience a different adventure. Sure, these are the common approaches on how to spend the retirement age. But did you know that there are other productive things you can do even if you are recently retired? In fact, according to recent studies, retirees should even consider different kinds of activities that can keep their mind sharp and keep them physically fit. And if you are just creative enough, you will also find a number of opportunities that will not only keep your mind and body healthy, but will also help you earn extra cash. Just remember, seniors and recent retirees are often the target of scammers so it pays to be extra careful.

Red Flags to Keep in Mind

Retirees are often involved in a number of financial transactions, and the bulk of these transactions is related to their retirement packages and potential investment schemes. And the problem is that there are some retirees out there who are not even aware that they are being targeted. If are recently retired or you have a family member who is recently retired, then it pays to understand the usual red flags associated with potential financial fraud as indicated in the same study.

According to the study, roughly a quarter of the seniors are receiving mails and calls related to lotteries, cash and other financial schemes. These promotions usually flood the inbox and may contain information that the recipient has won money, or that another person is asking for help. Some of these e-mails are invitations to join investment schemes and questionable online jobs. Although not all online jobs are scams, there are fly-by-night companies that are just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting retirees. If you receive these invitations, make sure you research on the company and ask for referrals and testimonials. There are tested online jobs that can work, including Toluna and Ipsos. Toluna has been around since 2000, so its longevity is one testament to its authenticity. Another option is to try out Ipsos i-Say, another paid survey opportunity online.

The same survey also indicated the common complaint among retirees regarding financial decisions. Many respondents indicated that they are not confident enough in making investing decisions. And some added that they are confused or they don’t understand the financial decisions made in their behalf.

What to Do to Get Protection?

Understanding and knowing the red flags is the first step towards financial independence and protection. In short, access to information goes a long way in protecting oneself against financial fraud. It also does not hurt to contact regulatory agencies and other non-governmental organizations to seek financial help, or to confirm the authenticity of some proposed investing schemes.

Money-Making Strategies for College Students

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Every person will definitely pass through this stage in life. No matter how great your budgeting skills are, there comes a point in your college life wherein the budget is no longer enough. And no matter how many tricks you made to make ends meet, something will crop up along the way that will ruin the budget. The extra expenses come in many forms- an upcoming university event that you can’t miss, a new book that the professor required or a date you want to pursue. Student life can be harsh, and many students are forced to bite the bullet including signing up for student loans. Student loans can help, but if not properly managed then this can lead to a huge financial problem that can spill into adult life. It may seem like college life is harsh, but with diligence and a bit of creativity, you can get through college life with lots of experience to show and some cash! Here are some money-making strategies for college students that can also work for you.

Tap Into your Hobbies and Skills

Do you love writing and you write poems and stories during your idle time or in-between classes?  Thanks to a number of job boards and freelancing websites, you can now become an editor or a ghostwriter for an aspiring website owner or publisher. Since online marketing is gaining traction today, the web is always on the lookout for fresh content that can be added into their list of websites. You can work as a content writer, an editor or a webpage designer. Whatever online job you choose, keep in mind that it should start with your hobbies and skills. If you choose jobs based on your hobbies and skills, then work becomes fun time during college.

Test and Appraise Websites and Share Opinions Through Surveys

Love to check the internet and browse your profiles on social media like Twitter and Facebook? Instead of lurking around and throwing some likes and comments on friends, why not convert those idle time into money time?  You can work as a website tester- you will simply provide comments and feedback on the websites and you are given payment for work done. Speaking of feedback, you can also answer surveys and get income. Prize Rebel for instance, will provide you the opportunity to answer surveys and watch videos and you can earn cash and rewards for completing these tasks. If you are the type of person who loves to shop online, then Ebates should work for you. Under the Ebates program, you will get commissions when shopping using their website. The site has partnered with more than 1,500 retailers thus it will be easier looking for a retail site.

College offers one of the toughest and stressful times in one’s life, but there are ways on how to handle stress and problems that come with it. If the source of the problem is money-related, then there are always creative steps on how you can earn extra while completing your degree. Working while studying actually delivers great advantages to the student- it helps you gain experience, form life stories and earn cash along the way!

Got Anything to Say- Use Opinions to Earn Extra Cash

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For many individuals, having an opinion on almost anything is considered a negative trait. In conversations, throwing ideas and opinions into the flow of discussions, even when unsolicited are considered irresponsible and highly irritating. And if you are one of those persons who can’t control your ideas and opinions, there’s a big chance that you have already been singled out in every conversation and talk. But it doesn’t automatically mean that there’s no redeeming value in your quest to share your ideas and opinions. If you take a look at some of the leading money-earning ventures online, you will discover that a few of these jobs require sharing your thoughts, insights and opinions.

Share Insights for Academic Purposes

Nielsen, the company behind the compilation of TV ratings and viewer habits, require a steady stream of information and insights coming from consumers. Since it requires a constant flow of information from consumers and TV viewers, it needs a new set of information and opinion and you can tap on this requirement to earn extra cash. When you sign up for their Nielsen Mobile Panel, you will be prompted to install the application on the phone so that Nielsen can track in real time your mobile habits which can be used in tracking customer information and habits. It’s a decent way to earn extra cash using your insights and opinion, and it pays $50 every year.

If your opinions border on the academic, then you may want to consider the researches conducted by academic institutions. Colleges and universities like the Stanford Graduate School of Business hosts student researches that require the help of respondents from across different backgrounds. The program allows easy sign-up and payment process and should work for students and individuals who are looking to earn extra while sharing their insights and opinions. The program will send you questions that can be completed in under 10 minutes and pay roughly $5. After a day or a week of completing the survey, you will receive a gift card code from Amazon that serves as a payment for your services and expert opinions!

Consumer Paid Surveys

If you want to share opinions and ideas on almost all topics and subjects, then the popular paid survey programs will work for you. Instead of highly technical and academic questions, these paid survey programs like Inbox Dollars and My Survey allows you to access different types of surveys in different topics. These surveys like the ones from Inbox Dollars usually focus on consumer concerns, thus answering the questions should not take much of your time. Whether you sign up for My Survey or Inbox Dollars, it would be best to read first the rules and fine print to maximize the offers.

Opinions matter in shaping everyday conversations, but it can also help you earn money on the sidelines. But to maximize this money-earning potential, it’s recommended that you know your options and you sign up once you have read the terms.

Becoming an Informed Consumer

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In today’s world and increasing access to consumer goods and services, it pays to understand the options around and make informed decisions. In fact, this has become a critical campaign for many organizations and governments. For example, in European Union, the idea of an informed consumer is now encapsulated in a law. Under the General Resolution of 1975 of the EU, the government must provide information to its people. In the United States, there are a number of consumer organizations established that help promote and secure the well-being of consumers. Although there are differences, the specifics remain the same- consumers need to be informed and protected.

Informed Consumer Means Making the Right Financial Decision

There are a number of reasons why it pays to become an informed consumer. With access to the right information, consumers can make high-quality and safe investments. With so many products and options to choose from, the challenge for many consumers is to differentiate the quality and choose the best ones. Also, with information comes an effective decision in making investments and completing financial transactions. Having access to financial knowledge and information can helpful individuals improve their financial standing.

For example, the value of information and research can be seen in improving one’s credit score and in securing credit cards with the lowest rates. A good and positive credit score is now a requirement for all individuals, whatever the socio-economic standing. A good credit score is helpful in securing loans, in getting approved for credit cards and a host of other financial transactions. Access to financial information can also help a person reverse his credit score and make it more attractive to banks and other financial institutions. Credit cards on the other hand are important alternatives for many households who often face financial problems at the end of the month. But when it comes to applying and using credit cards, it is best to use cards sparingly and with responsibility. Credit card use and credit score are linked together- if you fail to maintain and pay it on time, then it will drag your score down. In short, by accessing the right information, you end up becoming financially informed and stable.

Get the Right Job and Experience Money-Saving Opportunities

Without information, individuals face the risk of being mis-informed and duped by business owners and sales professionals who work on paid commissions. These professionals earn from their sales thus they may end up creating stories just to entice you to buy products. The same is true with money-earning ventures online like paid surveys. Some websites may over-state their offers in the hope of scoring new members. You can avoid these by equipping yourself with information, like reading paid survey review sites. Information on products and new business ventures can help you save money and make a smarter choice.

Information is now considered a key in making financial and life decisions. Life becomes easier and productive if you can validate first the information before making a decision.