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How to become a music technician

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When people think of the music industry, or when they listen to songs and albums, they focus on the singers themselves, and how talented they must be, to make such wonderful-sounding music. That is certainly true; that the singers are very important when it comes to how good a record will sound, but it excludes the integral roles that are played by other parties in making the song sound the way it does.

The next person that people usually think of when they think of the people involved in producing music is the music producer. Again, this is fair because the music producer is the one who is in charge of the overall conception and production of the song, mixtape or album.

The people who are seldom remembered are the music technicians, even though it is arguable that they play roles that are as important, if not more important that all the other people who are involved in the music production process.

The music technicians are the ones who check to make sure that everything that will be used in recording the music is in good working order, and tuned to provide the sound possible. The importance of their work is highlighted by the fact that most of the things they do are so technical that neither the artists themselves, nor the music producers would be able to do them without the technicians being involved. In the world of sound production, one incorrect setting could mean the difference between a great-sounding record and one that sounds terrible.

In order to become a music technician, it is usually advisable that you acquire a degree from a college or other educational institution. Some educational institutions exist that focus specifically on music education, and a degree from one of those would be a great way to get credibility on the industry in as short a period of time as possible.

While it is important to get a formal education; as with all technician roles in all industries, the most important consideration will simply be whether or not you know what you are doing, In order to be recognised, hired and allowed to work on important projects, you must be able to show an understanding of the various instruments and equipment used in the music production process and a proficiency in making them work together in order to produce the best sound possible.

Doing this could involve physically adjusting things on instruments or using digital interfaces such as a computer or MIDI controller to manipulate settings in order to get them at optimal levels to make sounds being produced sound as good as possible.

The prospects of a music technician are very impressive. After working as a sound engineer or in whatever technician role for some years, whether in a single studio or in many different ones, a music technician will usually have acquired the essential skills and the reputation to change careers and become a music producer, thereby taking on a wider and more lucrative role in the music production process.


Finding the best machine for working-out from home

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Many times people want to work out but the options for working out that are at their disposal are simply not ideal. For example, the way that is most commonly known and accepted is running or walking. Despite it being a cheap method and quite easy, it has many disadvantages such as; it takes up a lot of time, one has to be in a safe neighborhood with good roads or paths, the weather has to be favorable, it can only be done during the day or in well lighted roads, and finally running is known to cause damage to the knees of runners after a long time.

The other widely accepted way of working out is by joining a gym. Gyms can be very effective but again they have disadvantages such as; you have to share the facilities with many strangers, you might be grouped up in a class of people whose needs are not similar to yours or whose pace of developing is different, gyms are costly, and in some gyms you can only visit at certain times.

The best solution therefore seems to be where one can work out in the comfort of their homes i.e. a home gym. This however brings about other major issues. One thing is that you could have a home gym but you never use it. This is because with a home gym you do not have much motivation unlike in a public gym where the influence of others and the fact that you have paid for the facilities will drive you to consistency. In a home gym one does not have an instructor or trainer and so they only do what they feel like doing. This can be limiting in that one will not push themselves to the limit to attain their goals.

I had this dilemma and did not know what to do. I simply did not like the gym but I knew that if I invested in a home gym it would likely go unused like many gyms I have seen in many of my friends’ homes. I was not interested in any intense workout routines and only wanted some cardio exercise to control my bulging waistline which had become a concern for my wife and she was always pointing out that I should do something about it.

Incidentally, she was the one who was to come up with the solution for my problem. I think despite her pointing out my rounded midsection, she could also notice that she was also quite in the same boat.

One day while driving home she casually asked what I thought about buying a working out machine. I had not thought about this since my mind had been stuck on the thought that working out at home meant having a gym at home. I now realized that it was not necessary to have a complete gym.

I quickly warmed to the idea and we decided to shop around and see what was on offer.

After thorough shopping, we both agreed that the rowing machine looked like the best machine for us. It took up very little space, it was fun to use, it worked on many body parts and muscles, it did not pose a huge risk for injuries, and it was quite effective for burning calories, which was our number one goal.