Factors that influence health including the environment that we live in


Health is a very important aspect in life. A happy life requires one to have good health. Health basically refers to a situation where all the bodily functions and organs are operating normally without any problems. Often times the body might face different abnormalities that might need to suffering or improper bodily functions. At such times the individual might be said to be unwell. The best instance of an individual experiencing bad or poor health is when one is sick.

Sickness is a condition that is detestable and no one would want to be sick. Sickness is often accompanied by pain and feelings of discomfort. When people are sick, they are usually not able to function or carry out their usual activities as they would like. For example, when sick many people are not able to report to work and if they struggle and work, they are not able to perform at optimum.

Ill health can be caused by many things. Many times we focus on causes of ill health such as poor diet, pollutions, bad life styles, and hereditary factors. However, we should also consider environmental factors that can affect our health.

The environment is basically our surroundings. For many people the environment in which they live in is pretty constant since they do not have to move around often. For example, for most people, their daily lives usually comprises moving from home to the work place and back again. For such people, their environment could be said to be the environment at the workplace, and the environment at home.

It is usually not easy to change the environment where we work from. However, we usually have a lot of say on where we want to live. In order to help sustain and promote our health, it is important that we chose home environments that are good for our health.

A good living home environment should for example be free of pollutions such as any chemical risks that might affect our health. A good example is ensuring that our houses are asbestos free. In Singapore, the government initiated HDB flats are generally supposed to be free of this. However, if one lives in a private house should always carry out an asbestos test on the house just to be sure.

Other chemical pollutants that we should always try to keep away from includes toxic emissions especially such as those found in residences close to factories and other processing plants.

While looking for a house to live in, one should also consider one’s own physical health and conditions. For example, whereas common rooms for rent are suitable enough for many kinds of people and are actually advantageous due to their cost saving, they could also prove to be unsuitable for some.

People such as pregnant mothers need a lot of space and fresh air. A common room might not be appropriate for such a person since the conditions might be too stressful for the mother and the stress will impact negatively on the growing baby.