Getting my first house through the website

When I got my first job I was very excited. This is because finally I had a chance to lead an independent life. I would have my own money and I would be able to start my adult life. The job I got was many miles from where I was still living with my parents. The journey to the work place was a three hours journey. It was impractical to continue living with my parents and so immediately I got the recruitment letter I set out to look for a house close to the offices where I would be working from.

Getting a vacant house in Singapore is not easy, especially if you are not familiar with the given area where you are looking. The HDB flats which make up the bulk of the residential dwelling places are massive high rises with hundreds of apartments in one unit.  Looking for a vacant house in these mammoth buildings is a formidable undertaking.

Despite the tough challenge, I had to get a house and I had to get one pretty fast. Given the short time I had to get a house, I quickly went for one of the fastest ways of getting a vacant house. This is by using the online real estate listings. There are many real estate listing sites for HDB houses around Singapore but I decided to use the website.

In the website, I was able to get detailed information about the many available houses in Singapore. One of the major advantages that the site provided for me is the fact that I could base my search on the location. I could look for vacancies that were within the region where I wanted to be living in.

Other advantages of using is the fact that I was able to learn more about the houses. For example, the rent for each of the available units was clearly indicated. I needed a master room or a common room since I did not have a lot of funds. The website provided me with several options of master rooms and common rooms that were within the region.

Some of the listings included a photo of the given vacant rooms. As such one could make a better decision considering even the minor details such as the color of the walls in the houses. Using the website, I found no need to rent a house using the help of house agents.

Using house agents was my other option in trying to find a vacant suitable house within a short period. Using the online house listings was however a much better approach since it saved me a lot of time looking for the agents and it also saved me the costs that I would have to incur in contracting the services of the house agents.

I was finally able to pick a master room of my choice from the many that were presented in the website. Before I rented it, I first visited the house to ensure that what I was getting was actually what I wanted.