Money-Making Strategies for College Students

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Every person will definitely pass through this stage in life. No matter how great your budgeting skills are, there comes a point in your college life wherein the budget is no longer enough. And no matter how many tricks you made to make ends meet, something will crop up along the way that will ruin the budget. The extra expenses come in many forms- an upcoming university event that you can’t miss, a new book that the professor required or a date you want to pursue. Student life can be harsh, and many students are forced to bite the bullet including signing up for student loans. Student loans can help, but if not properly managed then this can lead to a huge financial problem that can spill into adult life. It may seem like college life is harsh, but with diligence and a bit of creativity, you can get through college life with lots of experience to show and some cash! Here are some money-making strategies for college students that can also work for you.

Tap Into your Hobbies and Skills

Do you love writing and you write poems and stories during your idle time or in-between classes?  Thanks to a number of job boards and freelancing websites, you can now become an editor or a ghostwriter for an aspiring website owner or publisher. Since online marketing is gaining traction today, the web is always on the lookout for fresh content that can be added into their list of websites. You can work as a content writer, an editor or a webpage designer. Whatever online job you choose, keep in mind that it should start with your hobbies and skills. If you choose jobs based on your hobbies and skills, then work becomes fun time during college.

Test and Appraise Websites and Share Opinions Through Surveys

Love to check the internet and browse your profiles on social media like Twitter and Facebook? Instead of lurking around and throwing some likes and comments on friends, why not convert those idle time into money time?  You can work as a website tester- you will simply provide comments and feedback on the websites and you are given payment for work done. Speaking of feedback, you can also answer surveys and get income. Prize Rebel for instance, will provide you the opportunity to answer surveys and watch videos and you can earn cash and rewards for completing these tasks. If you are the type of person who loves to shop online, then Ebates should work for you. Under the Ebates program, you will get commissions when shopping using their website. The site has partnered with more than 1,500 retailers thus it will be easier looking for a retail site.

College offers one of the toughest and stressful times in one’s life, but there are ways on how to handle stress and problems that come with it. If the source of the problem is money-related, then there are always creative steps on how you can earn extra while completing your degree. Working while studying actually delivers great advantages to the student- it helps you gain experience, form life stories and earn cash along the way!

Got Anything to Say- Use Opinions to Earn Extra Cash

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For many individuals, having an opinion on almost anything is considered a negative trait. In conversations, throwing ideas and opinions into the flow of discussions, even when unsolicited are considered irresponsible and highly irritating. And if you are one of those persons who can’t control your ideas and opinions, there’s a big chance that you have already been singled out in every conversation and talk. But it doesn’t automatically mean that there’s no redeeming value in your quest to share your ideas and opinions. If you take a look at some of the leading money-earning ventures online, you will discover that a few of these jobs require sharing your thoughts, insights and opinions.

Share Insights for Academic Purposes

Nielsen, the company behind the compilation of TV ratings and viewer habits, require a steady stream of information and insights coming from consumers. Since it requires a constant flow of information from consumers and TV viewers, it needs a new set of information and opinion and you can tap on this requirement to earn extra cash. When you sign up for their Nielsen Mobile Panel, you will be prompted to install the application on the phone so that Nielsen can track in real time your mobile habits which can be used in tracking customer information and habits. It’s a decent way to earn extra cash using your insights and opinion, and it pays $50 every year.

If your opinions border on the academic, then you may want to consider the researches conducted by academic institutions. Colleges and universities like the Stanford Graduate School of Business hosts student researches that require the help of respondents from across different backgrounds. The program allows easy sign-up and payment process and should work for students and individuals who are looking to earn extra while sharing their insights and opinions. The program will send you questions that can be completed in under 10 minutes and pay roughly $5. After a day or a week of completing the survey, you will receive a gift card code from Amazon that serves as a payment for your services and expert opinions!

Consumer Paid Surveys

If you want to share opinions and ideas on almost all topics and subjects, then the popular paid survey programs will work for you. Instead of highly technical and academic questions, these paid survey programs like Inbox Dollars and My Survey allows you to access different types of surveys in different topics. These surveys like the ones from Inbox Dollars usually focus on consumer concerns, thus answering the questions should not take much of your time. Whether you sign up for My Survey or Inbox Dollars, it would be best to read first the rules and fine print to maximize the offers.

Opinions matter in shaping everyday conversations, but it can also help you earn money on the sidelines. But to maximize this money-earning potential, it’s recommended that you know your options and you sign up once you have read the terms.

Becoming an Informed Consumer

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In today’s world and increasing access to consumer goods and services, it pays to understand the options around and make informed decisions. In fact, this has become a critical campaign for many organizations and governments. For example, in European Union, the idea of an informed consumer is now encapsulated in a law. Under the General Resolution of 1975 of the EU, the government must provide information to its people. In the United States, there are a number of consumer organizations established that help promote and secure the well-being of consumers. Although there are differences, the specifics remain the same- consumers need to be informed and protected.

Informed Consumer Means Making the Right Financial Decision

There are a number of reasons why it pays to become an informed consumer. With access to the right information, consumers can make high-quality and safe investments. With so many products and options to choose from, the challenge for many consumers is to differentiate the quality and choose the best ones. Also, with information comes an effective decision in making investments and completing financial transactions. Having access to financial knowledge and information can helpful individuals improve their financial standing.

For example, the value of information and research can be seen in improving one’s credit score and in securing credit cards with the lowest rates. A good and positive credit score is now a requirement for all individuals, whatever the socio-economic standing. A good credit score is helpful in securing loans, in getting approved for credit cards and a host of other financial transactions. Access to financial information can also help a person reverse his credit score and make it more attractive to banks and other financial institutions. Credit cards on the other hand are important alternatives for many households who often face financial problems at the end of the month. But when it comes to applying and using credit cards, it is best to use cards sparingly and with responsibility. Credit card use and credit score are linked together- if you fail to maintain and pay it on time, then it will drag your score down. In short, by accessing the right information, you end up becoming financially informed and stable.

Get the Right Job and Experience Money-Saving Opportunities

Without information, individuals face the risk of being mis-informed and duped by business owners and sales professionals who work on paid commissions. These professionals earn from their sales thus they may end up creating stories just to entice you to buy products. The same is true with money-earning ventures online like paid surveys. Some websites may over-state their offers in the hope of scoring new members. You can avoid these by equipping yourself with information, like reading paid survey review sites. Information on products and new business ventures can help you save money and make a smarter choice.

Information is now considered a key in making financial and life decisions. Life becomes easier and productive if you can validate first the information before making a decision.


How to Earn Some Easy Money Using the Internet

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Can money be made easily? This is a million dollar question. There is a man who once said that if money could be made easily then everybody, would be rich. Really? Another person said that if money was easy to come by, then it would be worthless. I guess the second person was more accurate. The value of money is dependent on its scarcity.

Money has to be scarce for it to have some value attached to it. It follows therefore that it should not be easy to make money. However, this does not mean that it should be hard to make money! There are easier ways of making money than what many people think!

If you are naturally blessed with a smart brain, working out arithmetic calculations may come easily for you, but you might find manual work very hard. If you are such a person, making money as an accountant would be easier than working in a factory doing manual labor. This would apply vice versa to someone who is physically gifted but not very adept at intellectual stuff.

I once visited a friend whom I had not met for a while after he had quit his job where we were working together. After he quit his job, he was rarely within the city but loved to work indoors from his countryside home. From his photos on social media and his general talk, he seemed to be doing very well from what he claimed to be “making money online”.

I was curious to know what this “making money online” was and so when he invited me to his place to learn more about it, I readily accepted.

I set aside one Saturday morning to ride over to his place and learn more about this mystery money making strategy. When I got to the place he had directed me to, I was impressed by the beautiful neighborhood he lived in. His house was elegant and homely and looked to be very well taken care of.

When he invited me into his house, I was even more surprised! I had incorrectly thought that I would be doing much better than he was; what with me still having my job and all! How very wrong! Unless he was a mobster, his internet money making thing was quite rewarding! I was eager than ever to learn about it.

“I make money by simply practicing my hobby” he began. Tom, my good friend, was an internet geek and was always online. “I found the perfect way to exercise my passion and earn from it!” he continued.

He went on to explain how he was being paid to; complete some online surveys, to watch online videos, read emails, or complete other micro tasks. “Do these small tasks help you make all this money?” I asked

“No!” he exclaimed with a hearty laugh, “that is just the beginning”. The secret is in referrals. “I have thousands of people around the world who help me do it!”

He went on to explain in detail how this works. He proceeded to then tell me that his main purpose of inviting me over was to urge me to join him in this awesome “easier” way of making money. Without missing a beat, I accepted his offer.

I am now a few weeks into this awesome newfound money making gem and I have already got my first check!

Children and Teeth Grinding

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Children and Teeth Grinding

When you look in on your sleeping child, you want to hear the sounds of sweet dreams: easy breathing and perhaps an occasional sigh. But some parents hear the harsher sounds of gnashing and grinding teeth, called bruxism, which is common in kids.

Bruxism is the medical term for the grinding of teeth or the clenching of jaws. Many kids have it — 2 to 3 out of every 10 will grind or clench, experts say, but most outgrow it. Bruxism often happens during deep sleep phases or when kids are under stress.

Causes of Bruxism

Experts aren’t always sure why bruxism happens. In some cases, kids may grind because the top and bottom teeth aren’t aligned properly. Others do it as a response to pain, such as from an earache or teething. Kids might grind their teeth as a way to ease the pain, just as they might rub a sore muscle. Many kids outgrow these fairly common causes for grinding.

Stress — usually nervous tension or anger — is another cause. For instance, a child might worry about a test at school or a change in routine (a new sibling or a new teacher). Even arguing with parents and siblings can cause enough stress to prompt teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

Some kids who are hyperactive also have bruxism. And sometimes kids with other medical conditions (such as cerebral palsy) or who take certain medicines can develop bruxism.

Effects of Bruxism

Many cases of bruxism go undetected with no ill effects, while others cause headaches or earaches. Usually, though, it’s more bothersome to other family members because of the grinding sound. In some circumstances, nighttime grinding and clenching can wear down tooth enamel, chip teeth, increase temperature sensitivity, and cause severe facial pain and jaw problems, such as temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ). Most kids who grind, however, do not have TMJ problems unless their grinding and clenching happen a lot.

Lots of kids who grind their teeth aren’t even aware of it, so it’s often siblings or parents who identify the problem.

Some signs to watch for:

  • grinding noises when your child is sleeping
  • complaints of a sore jaw or face after waking up in the morning
  • pain with chewing

If you think your child is grinding his or her teeth, visit the dentist, who will examine the teeth for chipped enamel and unusual wear and tear, and spray air and water on the teeth to check for unusual sensitivity. If damage is found, the dentist may ask your child a few questions, such as:

  • How do you feel before bed?
  • Are you worried about anything at home or school?
  • Are you angry with someone?
  • What do you do before bed?

The exam will help the dentist determine whether the cause is anatomical (misaligned teeth) or psychological (stress), and come up with an effective treatment plan.

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Finding the best machine for working-out from home

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Finding the best machine for working-out from home

Many times people want to work out but the options for working out that are at their disposal are simply not ideal. For example, the way that is most commonly known and accepted is running or walking. Despite it being a cheap method and quite easy, it has many disadvantages such as; it takes up a lot of time, one has to be in a safe neighborhood with good roads or paths, the weather has to be favorable, it can only be done during the day or in well lighted roads, and finally running is known to cause damage to the knees of runners after a long time.

The other widely accepted way of working out is by joining a gym. Gyms can be very effective but again they have disadvantages such as; you have to share the facilities with many strangers, you might be grouped up in a class of people whose needs are not similar to yours or whose pace of developing is different, gyms are costly, and in some gyms you can only visit at certain times.

The best solution therefore seems to be where one can work out in the comfort of their homes i.e. a home gym. This however brings about other major issues. One thing is that you could have a home gym but you never use it. This is because with a home gym you do not have much motivation unlike in a public gym where the influence of others and the fact that you have paid for the facilities will drive you to consistency. In a home gym one does not have an instructor or trainer and so they only do what they feel like doing. This can be limiting in that one will not push themselves to the limit to attain their goals.

I had this dilemma and did not know what to do. I simply did not like the gym but I knew that if I invested in a home gym it would likely go unused like many gyms I have seen in many of my friends’ homes. I was not interested in any intense workout routines and only wanted some cardio exercise to control my bulging waistline which had become a concern for my wife and she was always pointing out that I should do something about it.

Incidentally, she was the one who was to come up with the solution for my problem. I think despite her pointing out my rounded midsection, she could also notice that she was also quite in the same boat.

One day while driving home she casually asked what I thought about buying a working out machine. I had not thought about this since my mind had been stuck on the thought that working out at home meant having a gym at home. I now realized that it was not necessary to have a complete gym.

I quickly warmed to the idea and we decided to shop around and see what was on offer.

After thorough shopping, we both agreed that the rowing machine looked like the best machine for us. It took up very little space, it was fun to use, it worked on many body parts and muscles, it did not pose a huge risk for injuries, and it was quite effective for burning calories, which was our number one goal.

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Make a living taking care of non-human organisms

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Make a living taking care of non-human organisms

Embarking on an exciting career path in veterinary medicine, where you can put our knowledge and compassion into practice. Preventing disease and treating animals is at the interest of what veterinarians do.

Potential veterinary career options

An overview of careers where graduates of veterinary medical schools can effectively apply their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degrees include;

  • Private practice, either general practice or (with advanced training and experience) a specialty field, such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, aquatic animal medicine, marine biology, wildlife animal medicine, or emergency animal medicine.
  • Corporate veterinary medicine, for example, with corporations that provide veterinary care, test human drugs for safety, or produce animal-related products.
  • Research, either in a university setting or with companies that produce animal-related products or pharmaceuticals.
  • Teaching, either in academia or non-professionals schools.
  • Public Health, particularly with governmental agencies which work to control the transmission of animal-to-human (zoonotic) diseases.
  • Food supply medicine, with either the government or a food animal company.
  • Global Veterinary Medicine, in private practice or with international agencies working in areas such as food production and safety or emerging diseases.
  • Public Policy, working for governments on animal and zoonotic diseases, animal welfare, public health issues, or as consultants with non-governmental agencies.
  • Shelter medicine, working with communities, and private or public agencies to ensure the health and well being of animal populations housed in shelters.

The pay is also not bad as once annual median salary ranges between $40,000 to $120,000.

Water organisms specializations

Marine aquatic biology is basically the study of fresh water organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment. It is a subdiscipline of both oceanography and limnology.

The oceans represent the final frontier of discovery on earth. They possess vast untapped resources, provide a global transportation network for commerce, and play a pivotal role in moderating earth’s climate. Likewise, our freshwater resources support both commercial and recreational activities. They serve as readily accessible sources of potable water and influence climate on regional scales. Human activities related to global population growth represent a serious challenge to preserving these important resources. We must build upon our existing knowledge of the ocean and our lakes and their potential to help meet the needs of this and future generations.

Career opportunities in the marine and aquatic sciences are exciting and diverse. Graduates may find work with one of the branches of government, in academia with university research labs, with the private sector (consulting, natural resource exploration, aquaculture, recreation), or with a non-governmental organization.

Popular areas within the field of marine biology are environmental biology and toxicology. Both of these areas have direct applications and implications for our society. Examples of specialties in environmental biology and toxicology include water quality research and the study of contaminants or pollutants in the coastal or marine environment. Laws, regulations and cleanup measures designed to protect the environment will ensure that marine and environmental biologists and consultants continue to play an important role in our society.

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Careers where you get to meet people but under different circumstances

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Careers where you get to meet people but under different circumstances

Optometry might be a major many aren’t aware off. What really is optometry?  It’s a healthcare profession that deals with the eyes. What do optometrist do? They examine, diagnose, treat and manage visual disorders, eye injuries and diseases and also prescribe eye glasses and contact lenses.

Some optometrists may spend a lot of their time giving specialized care, especially if they are working in a group practice with other optometrists or physicians with others focusing on treating children and infants. Majority of optometrists have their own practices and may spend more time on general business activities.

Becoming an Optometrist

An optometrist must complete a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree program and obtain a license in order to practice. The degree program takes 4 years to complete which combines classroom activities and supervised clinical experience. After completion of an O.D. degree, some optometrists may opt to complete a 1-year residency program to get advanced clinical training in an area of interest. Residency programs cover the following areas of emphasis; family practice, low vision care, pediatric or geriatric optometry and ocular disease amongst others.

Skills required

  • Decision-making skills – Optometrists must be able to evaluate the results of a variety of diagnostic tests and decide on the best course of treatment for a patient.
  • Interpersonal skills – Because they spend much of their time examining patients, optometrists must be able to help their patients feel at ease.
  • Communication skills – Optometrists must be able to clearly explain eye care instructions to their patients, as well as answer patients’ questions.

The median annual wage an optometrist can earn is $50,000 – $180,000.

How then do Journalists meet people?

Well, with journalism, journalist cover various news events and reports for radio, TV stations, newspapers, journals, magazines as well as on the internet. In the course of their coverage, they get to see and meet people or different races, backgrounds and geographies. It’s a very stressful and competitive profession as information must be up-to-date and verified.

If you fancy a career in journalism…

You should developed a liking in writing straight from high school taking coursework offering training in writing, photography, videography, multimedia and computers. Aspiring journalist should participate in school publications like yearbook or newspaper development. If you develop a journalism-related skill, it may improve the likelihood of you being accepted into an undergraduate degree program after graduation.

Obtain a degree – Journalists in today’s world do more than just write stories. Degree programs have embraced both digital and multimedia character of news reporting utilized by today’s media. Employers do prefer journalist who have a bachelor’s degree in communication, broadcasting, or journalism-related fields. Courses that are offered generally cover topics like writing and editing, communication, visual journalism, reporting, law, and ethics.

Build a portfolio – Employers may request applicants to submit clips of their work along with a resume and job application. Journalism degree courses can offer students the opportunity to populate their portfolio with sample of articles they have written or produced.

Gain experience – as most employers prefer applicants with experience in media used by new organizations.

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Design, Develop and Earn

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Design, Develop and Earn

Industrial and manufacturing engineering is really based on design, control, operation, evaluation, and implementation of systems and processes for service and manufacturing industries as well as government organization which is mostly hand-on.

Getting a job in manufacturing engineering

The key engineering disciplines sought by manufacturing employers are mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, chemical/process, materials, control and instrumentation, and environmental. However, engineers from other backgrounds may well find good job opportunities in this sector. In recent years, graduate engineering employers have lamented a shortage of graduate engineers from manufacturing engineering degrees.

Employers look for graduates who have a strong grounding in their discipline and combine their technical knowledge with core competences such as good communication skills, team working and problem-solving ability, energy, commercial awareness and an ability to think on their feet.

What to expect from a graduate job in manufacturing

In larger organizations engineering graduates typically join a graduate program. They may work in one area, for example production, or, depending on the employer, they may complete placements in different parts of the business. Some employers have specialist programs for functions such as supply chain or operations management.

However you start out, employers will most likely provide you with training and experience that will help you achieve chartered or incorporated engineer status.

If you start out in a smaller manufacturing company your training may be less structured. However, smaller organizations can provide fantastic opportunities to gain experience in a range of manufacturing activities.

Progression will depend on your own ambitions. You may choose to progress on a technical, management or commercial path.

The manufacturing industry seeks graduates in aerospace/aeronautical, automotive, chemical/process control, electrical, electronics, environmental, instruments, manufacturing, materials, mechanical, power systems.

Architecture professions

Education requirement for architects vary. Work environment is usually an office setting where drafting and reviewing concepts of structures is performed. Architects need to be licensed before they can start their career. Students who get their degrees in architecture can go on to many lucrative careers. While a bachelor’s degree is required to become an architect, an associate’s degree is sufficient for architectural drafters and architectural technicians.


An architect works with engineers, technicians and clients to design safe and functional structures ranging from dams to homes. He meets with the client to determine the parameters, needs and functions of the proposed projects and can greatly affect project bids and budgets. After both parties have agreed on each and every aspect, the architect begins the design phase which may include planning layout of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. The median annual salary of architects is $70,000.

Architectural drafter

An architectural drafter consults with architects and project engineers to create drawing for prospective structures. A drafter typically works under supervision in an office setting and uses drawing tools to produce sketches and verify measurements. Architectural and civil drafter median annual salary is $49,000.

Architectural Technician

An Architectural technician works with an architect to prepare sketches and designs for construction projects. He helps size building systems, machinery and equipment. The annual median salary for a technician is $46,000.

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Want to Make a Living from the Earth?

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Want to Make a Living from the Earth?

You might be thinking about farming or agriculture. Well, not exactly. It’s Geology and you will mainly be studying about the Earth, the materials it’s made up of, the structure of those materials, and the process that make and act upon them. A vital part is the study of Earth’s materials, structures, process and organisms and how they have been evolving/changing over time.

So, what really does a Geologist do?

Basically Geologists try to understand our planet’s history. A great understanding of the earth’s history enables them to better foresee future events. They can study processes like landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. Earth materials which they study are common materials which people use in everyday life like oil, metals and water.

Geology as a Career

If you love nature and natural resources then Geology can be an interesting as well as very rewarding career. The work setting of a geologist can include natural resource companies, environmental consulting companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities. Few geologists spend time in labs, classes and offices while the majority do field work.


It is expected that the number of geology job opening will exceed the number of students graduating from university programs. This is so as the problem of global warming is a real issue and also people are looking for cleaner and cheaper fuels. Salaries range from $50,000 to $100,000 a year.

What about Petroleum Engineering?

Petroleum engineering is the exploration, mining and management of fuels. Energy is a key element in our day-to-day lives. To ensure a stable and affordable supply a balance is required so as to avoid any negative environmental impact. Petroleum engineers are able to address and solve important issues that will lead to energy security making their demand high.

As a petroleum engineer, you will;

  • Evaluate potential oil and gas reservoirs
  • Oversee drilling activities
  • Select and implement recovery schemes
  • Design surface collection and treatment facilities


Petroleum engineers earn an average of $100,000 per year. Salaries vary can range from $60,000 to a whopping $190,000. The main factor that affects pay is the level of experience.

The career of petroleum engineer is full of challenges and opportunities. They must develop and ply new technology to recover hydrocarbons from oil shale, tar sands and off shore gas fields and also device new technique to recover oil left in the ground after application of conventional producing techniques.

Many petroleum companies conduct worldwide operations thus petroleum engineers have the opportunity for assignments from all over the globe. They must be able to solve a wide variety of technological, political and economic problems encountered while on these assignments. These exciting challenges combine to make a petroleum engineer’s career rewarding and exciting.

What does Geology and Petroleum Engineering have in common?

Both involve the usage of advanced computers, not only in analysis and simulations, but also in automation of various processes. Although many petroleum companies own many of the world super computers, geologist do have still have access to them.

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